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What We Do

At codegenicsinfra.com it is very easy to find real estate service providers for your different requirements of property services.Here you can find real estate services, who can take care of your various realty needs such as property valuation, property finance, property consultancy and a lot more.

Research of land

Land is everywhere that man is; most men get their living from the land, directly or indirectly...

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Land Acquisition

Land acquisition is the power of the union or a state government in India to take private land for...

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Consulting & Advisory

Real Estate is one of the globally prosperous industries. It comprises four sub-sectors-...

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Property Management

Property management is the operation, control, maintenance, and oversight of real estate and...

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Project Management

Project Management is a methodology originally developed for the ...

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Structuring Investments

Before you purchase an asset, it is important to consider the most appropriate investment...

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